At this time, no training is being offered. If in the future you want to receive training, please contact Dennis Molfese. He will contact you when the next workshop is scheduled.

The training process guide below will describe elements involved with learning how to conduct ERP research. If possible, it is encouraged that you use this guide to prepare as much as possible before starting the Bootcamp process. There are many components, especially research design, that should be conceptualized and completed prior to starting Bootcamp.

Hands-on Bootcamp Process


Our Bootcamp covers the necessary training for the data collection process. We encourage you to dedicate a minimum of 8-12 hours a week to Bootcamp training. We have found that with this commitment, researchers can test out of Bootcamp in approximately 2-4 weeks. The test-out procedure involves 3-4 hours with the dBrain Director, Dr. Molfese, in which you will be asked to walk through testing procedures and be quizzed on WHY each step is necessary. Prior to taking the Bootcamp with Dennis, you must accomplish the following (listed in suggested chronological order). This can be used as a progress guide.

Bootcamp Process

Bootcamp Tasks



Setting up portable system Watch dBrain Lab member put together and take apart.
Put together system up until powering up. Have dBrain Lab member check your work, then boot system up.
1.5 hours
Audio testing Watch dBrain Lab member perform audio test. Make sure to know the answers to all of the Bootcamp questions by the end. 1 hour
Dry net application Watch dBrain Lab member about net application.
Complete 15 dry net applications before moving on.
1 hour demo. Then ~30 minutes per net.
Preparing ERP experiment Watch dBrain lab member prepare for an experiment. Walk through whole experiment process without applying a wet net (bucket test) through stimuli execution. 2-3 hours
Operation of NetStation Learn about how to start the program, what each panel does, how to change the view, what to look for in terms of recording, how to highlight electrodes, how to make electrodes invisible, etc. 1 hour
Operation of EPrime 2.0 Learn about how to start the program, how it communicates with NetStation, what files to save afterwards, what material gets printed on these files, etc. Introduction to EPrime — PowerPoint PDF 30 minutes
Shadow an ERP experiment Shadow and assist (when possible) an adult dBrain Lab experiment. Only one person can shadow each session! 3-4 hours
Experience a wet net Let someone wet net yourself — it will help you understand what it feels like. 1-2 hours
Wet net application Watch dBrain Lab member teach about wet net application and impedance checks.
Assist dBrain Lab member eliminate impedance problems.
Complete 15 wet net applications minimum. Must be able to apply the net and get impedances to acceptable level in under 10 minutes.
1 hour demo. Then ~2-4 hours per net.
Logistics Considerations should be made for the following: participant naming/de-identification system, where will forms & files be stored, making a participant experiment sheet, how will data be private and secured? 3-4 hours


Additional Training and Preparation

Additinal Training & Preparation



Possible Duration

IRB See templates below. If you have questions, please come to dBrain Lab office hours. For details about submitting a protocol through NUgrant, please visit the UNL IRB website.
2-8 months
Designing your experiment You should schedule meetings with Dennis and your research team to create the ERP task itself. So you make the most use out of their time, use this as a guide:

  1. First meeting, use as an open discussion about your ideas. Be prepared to talk about your research question, what tasks have been used to address this question in the past, and why it is important to look at the brain mechanisms.
  2. Prep for follow-up meeting by reading literature and creating suggested design. Prepare a white-paper proposal (consisting of target population, power analysis, stimuli design, data collection methods, and analysis strategy) if possible for Dennis to review ahead of meeting.
  3. Continue step 2 until Dennis and your research team are satisfied with the design and all elements of the white paper have been completed.
1-6 months
Scripting in EPrime The dBrain Lab is in the process of preparing a video that describes the basics in EPrime. Please review that first (or ask her to walk you through the demo in person). Before you meet with her again, you should: a) on paper, jot down the order in which objects will be presented; b) start building EPrime script. It is suggested that you work in the lab so that as questions come up, you can ask dBrain Lab members for help. Otherwise, you can schedule brief meetings as needed. For the scripting novice, 6-25 hours. For advanced users, 2-6 hours.
Preparing ERP experiment Watch dBrain lab member prepare for an experiment. Walk through whole experiment process without applying a wet net (bucket test) through stimuli execution. 2-3 hours
EPrime + NetStation calls Once the task is built in EPrime, it is necessary to add the NetStation calls. Again, the dBrain Lab is in the process of developing videos that describes how this is executed.
NOTE: NetStation calls must be added using lab computers due to proprietary issues.
For the scripting novice, 2-4 hours. For advaned users, 1 hour.
Data Analysis Training for this has not been formally planned. Please check back as we create a system for learning how to analyze your ERP data. You should have read all of the suggested ERP workshop readings prior to asking for assistance. TBD