Child Visit

Typical Study

Children will often be asked to watch fun videos or play computer games. After placing the net and making adjustments, children will participate in experiements for 20-60 minutes. We will stop immediately if your child is uncomfortable or fussy or asks to stop.Because we are interested in learning development, we often ask children to come back for multiple visits depending on the study.
Child in net

LYBRALincoln Youth Brain Study

Researchers at the University at Nebraska-Lincoln are working with Lincoln Public Schools to study social skills and attention in healthy children and children with previous brain injury.

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Our research involves the following:

  • Eye-tracking
  • Cognitive tests
  • Parent Questionnaires

The eye-tracking experiment will involve viewing different facial expressions and social scenes while we record eye-gaze patterns.

The EEG tasks – EEG stand for electroencephalography – your child will sit on a comfortable seat and view faces and words presented on a computer monitor. The EEG net contains recording electrodes covered in soft sponges that will be soaked in warm water saline solution that is equivalent to human tears. The net will be placed on your child’s head like a hat, and connected to an isolation amplifier that isolates your child from the possibility of electrical shock. The recording electrodes “read” the electrical activity naturally occurring in your child’s brain.

Cognitive tests (neurobehavioral assessment) – we will administer tasks that measure general perceptual development, thinking and problem-solving skills, and social and emotional development.

Parent Questionnaire – the questionnaires will ask you about your child’s behavior, social and emotional development and about your general health.

How do I sign-up to be involved?
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