ERP Visit

ERP Visit: What to Expect

Event-related potential (ERP) studies use electroencephalography (EEG) nets to record brain activity. The nets are made up of electrodes padded by wet sponges. See our methods page for more information about the scienctific background of ERP studies. Visits for all ages includes these steps:

Forms: You will read consent forms and discuss the content with a researcher. Once you understand the procedures, you will sign your consent for you or your child if you would like to participate.

Head measurements: Nets come in different sizes, so we will measure the participant’s head to select which net to use. We will mark the participant’s head with washable marker so the center of the net is put on correctly.


Net adjustments: We will add more water solution to make sure all sites are making good contact with the skin. This should takes about 5 minutes. The participant can watch DVDs during the adjustments.
Experiments: The participant will be asked to look at pictures or videos. Some participants may be asked to play computer games by pressing a button. Experiment duration is age-appropriate. It is important to stay as still as possible during the test.
Clean-up: After the experiments, the net will be removed and we will help dry your hair with a towel.

We study people of all ages — from infancy to adulthood. Click the links below to learn more about these procedures.

Lab Visit at UNL


Newborn infant testing is conducted at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.