Infant Visit

For more info on infant studies, please contact Dennis Molfese:

Young infants may be held by their parent. When infants are old enough, they will sit in a Bumbo baby seat. Infants will either watch fun, appealing videos or will listen to sounds. After adjustments, infants will wear the net for 15-45 minutes. We will stop immediately if your child is uncomfortable or fussy or you ask to stop. Often, we have infants come in for multiple visits over the course of their first year. More information about specific visits and informational videos will be available soon.
Testing a young infant

ERP Test: Putting on the ERP Hat

ERP Test: We add a sock to keep the net protected.

ERP Test: Your baby will watch a series of videos with a women asking about objects.

ERP Test: The net comes off after ~ 20 minutes.


Happy Babies !