Resources for Parents

We are committed to keeping families and individuals informed about our research and treatment options. Check back as we post new information, website links, and PDFs.

Learning Disorders

  • Kennedy-Krieger School in Maryland: Provides information on various learning disorders and resources to seek help to correct the disorders.
  • Florida Center for Reading Research: Seeks to develop an understanding of reading growth and how to accurately assess reading ability.
  • Lindamood-Bell Foundation: The purpose of the Foundation is to develop a successful program to teach adults and children how to read and comprehend at a high level.
  • Children’s Learning Institute: Uses empirical evidence to develop successful means of teaching children.
  • Regents’ Center for Learning Disorders (University of Georgia): Provides information on how to successfully treat learning disorders and information on programs for those with learning disorders.
  • Center of Human Development and Disability (University of Washington): A center for research on brain development and how this research informs our decisions on how to educate children and help those with learning disorders.
  • National Reading Panel: Assesses research in the field of child development and learning and discusses what should inform how we educate our children.

Communication and Language

  • Haskins Laboratory: A center for multidisciplinary research of the science of written and spoken language.
  • International Dyslexia Association: Information on dyslexia and how to seek help for this disorder.
  • Autism Society of Nebraska: Provides help for children with autism in Nebraska

Child Development

  • Center of Research on Early Childhood Issues and Initiatives (University of Louisville): A foundation for child development research.
  • Institute for Behavioral Genetics (University of Colorado): The Institute is one of the top research facilities for the discovery of how genes effect our behavior.