Getting Started

The following are the initial steps required to conduct research in the MRI Facility:

check mark Project Approval

Anyone interested in conducting a new research project is asked to please submit a Project Approval Form* to Jennifer Nelson at
*The pdf file is capable of being filled on a computer, but due to web browser differences you may need to download and open the file in Adobe Acrobat in order to fill in the fields.

We would like to know about your project! This also helps us project and coordinate usage of the equipment.

check markIRB Approval

Before conducting a research project with human subjects in the MRI Facility, the project must be approved by the UNL Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please visit the UNL IRB website to learn more about applying for UNL IRB approval.

The MRI Facility has developed IRB-approved standard MRI consent form language, including a policy and language for incidental findings. These documents are available via a shared Box folder for MRI Facility researchers. Investigators are strongly encouraged to use the standard language when submitting IRB projects involving MRI/fMRI, EEG, eye tracking, and/or physiological recordings within the CB3 MRI Facility.

Please send a request to Jennifer Nelson at to be added to this Box.

Upon receiving project IRB approval, please send the following to the CB3 MRI receptionist at

check mark IRB approval letter

check mark PDF copy of NUgrant project summary page

The project summary page indicates project personnel approved for work on the project. An updated copy should be shared with the MRI Facility when personnel change.