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The Institute is a shared resource that serves as a scientific hub so that researchers with common interests can exchange ideas, develop collaborations among a domestic and international network of scientists, and is staffed by professional technical and administrative personnel with specialties in coordinating research, managing laboratory operations, conducting salivary assays, and administering budgets. The Institute’s laboratories and administrative infrastructure is located at UCI, but its affiliated scientists operate in a post-geographic network, wherever in the world they need to be to achieve their research objectives and hail from academic institutions around the world.
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UNL SBL was awarded the honor of being one of Salimetrics’ Centers of Excellence!

Making Meaningful Impact Is Our Goal.

  • Discovery – We provide the tools that help others uncover relationships between biology, behavior, social forces, and health.
  • Science – We encourage application of systematic, rigorous, logical, evidence-based, reliable, valid, well-planned thought to all that we do.
  • Innovation – We want to operate at the cutting edge.
  • Collaboration – We acknowledge there is more to be done than we can accomplish on our own.
  • Impact – We selectively invest our time and resources in projects, services and products that will make a difference.

Headquartered in the United States with offices in Europe and global distribution capabilities, Salimetrics represents worldwide opportunity in salivary collection, analysis and research.