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The Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior (CB3)

Advances in neuroscience are transforming our understanding of the human brain. For the first time in history, we have the ability to observe individual brain cells with remarkable precision, uncover their structural and mechanical properties, and create detailed maps of the brain’s expansive network of functional connections. These advances are providing new insights into the biological basis of the human mind and accelerating the development of innovative methods and technologies to enhance brain health. The Center for Brain, Biology, and Behavior (CB3) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is at the forefront of this new era in neuroscience.

A Catalyst for Innovation in Neuroscience

Founded in 2013, CB3 stands as a leading research center committed to making a meaningful impact on human health and society through innovation in neuroscience. Strategically situated within the University’s Memorial Stadium, CB3 serves as a vital, interdisciplinary, research hub where experts collaborate to advance neuroscience. At the heart of CB3 lies a cutting-edge brain imaging facility and specialized laboratories, fostering innovation through interdisciplinary research in neuroscience. Its unique partnership with Nebraska Athletics enables state-of-the-art research in sports medicine and student-athlete health, driven by collaborations with Athletic Medicine and the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory. The community comprises distinguished scientists, engineers, clinicians, and scholars, who all share a common goal: To advance foundational knowledge and discovery in neuroscience, and to translate these insights into novel methods and technologies that promote cognitive function and brain health.

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Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience investigates the nature and mechanisms of human intelligence – examining attention, perception, memory, language, emotion, and decision making. CB3 brings together interdisciplinary strengths in the psychological and brain sciences at Nebraska to establish cognitive neuroscience theories of brain function, evolution, and development.

Clinical and Translational Neuroscience 

Clinical and Translational Neuroscience aims to improve our understanding of brain function in health and disease, and to establish methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness and neurological dysfunction. An important aim of research at CB3 is to establish and validate scientific interventions to promote cognitive function and brain health. This is achieved by taking a personalized approach to training and incorporating a comprehensive suite of methods, including skill-based cognitive training, non-invasive brain stimulation, mindfulness meditation, physical activity and aerobic fitness, and diet and nutrition.

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Student Athlete Health

Research on Student Athlete Health seeks to enhance the mental health and athletic performance of student athletes, enabled by CB3’s partnership with Nebraska Athletics. To serve the athletic community, CB3 aims to establish state-of-the-art methods to measure and optimize student athlete health and performance. Using innovative cognitive and brain imaging assessment tools, personalized training protocols, and interventions to promote the recovery of function following sports-related concussion, the interdisciplinary community at CB3 seeks to help student athletes reach their full potential.

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Education and Community Engagement

Enriching Neuroscience Education

CB3 prioritizes student participation and professional development through interactive neuroscience education. CB3 offers opportunities for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to participate in cutting-edge research, attend outreach events, and access resources for neuroscience education and professional development.

 Promoting Community Engagement

CB3 is committed to conducting community-based research that benefits the Nebraska community. CB3 therefore partners with community organizations and businesses to identify and address local needs, focusing on interdisciplinary research and educational programs to promote brain health.

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