Athletics-Research Partnership

CB3 is strongly tied to a unique partnership between UNL research and Nebraska Athletics that promises to expand understanding of links between the brain and human behavior. No other university in the nation is conducting research in this way.

Thanks to this athletics-research collaboration, a major expansion of East Memorial Stadium, completed in 2013, features more than 50,000 square-feet of research space. CB3 occupies 28,000 square-feet in the south half of the East Memorial Stadium addition. The north half is home to a companion research center, the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab. A bridge connects the facilities, encouraging collaborations.

Their groups share data gathered from CB3's brain-imaging equipment and the performance lab's sophisticated motion-tracking sensors, creating a more complete picture of what influences behavior and performance. This work could lead to discoveries about brain function, head injury, human performance and psychology that benefit athletes, the health care community and broader society.

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Facade of east side of Memorial Stadium